Appetizers - Vegetarians

1)Bonda ,Bhajji, Vada , Pakora, Fritters & Samosas
2)Cutlet, Nuggets, Croquettes, Kabab, Tikki, Puffs & Tikkas
3)French Fries, Chips, Croutons & 65's
4)Appam & Sweet Bites
5)Finger, Balls & Rolls
6)Odds & Ends

Appetizers - Non Vegetarians 

1)Fingers, Nuggets , Croquettes, Cutlets,Puffs,Tikka, Kabab & 65's
2)Fried Chicken & Fish
3)Grilled, Baked, Barbequed, Roast Chicken

Breakfast Recipes

1)Idli, Dosa, Kuzhi Paniyaram & Appam
2)Kolutattai, Puttu, Idiapppam 
3)Upma & Pongal 
4)Pancake, Waffles, French Toast & Crepes 
5)Odds & Ends (smoothie bowls)

  Baked Goodies


2)Cupcakes & Muffins
4)Brownies & Blondies
5)Pies, Tart, Crumbles, Bars & Rolls
6)Homemade Breads & Buns
7)Macaroons & Pavlovas
8)Baked Puddings

Breads Recipes

1)Burger & Sandwiches

2)Other Bread Recipes (Garlic Bread, Bread Pizza..etc)

Kids Delights 

1)Chocolates & Candies

2)No Bake Puddings, Cheesecakes & Tarts
3)No Bake Bars & Balls
4)Trifles & Parfait
5)Fried & Grilled Deserts

Street Food Recipes

1)Chat Items


Dry Side Dish for Rice - Vegetarian


2)Avial & Kootu
3)Thoran - Coconut Based Poriyal
4)Pachadi & Kichadi
5)Masala Kind of Dish

Dry Sidedish for Chapati, Roti, Naan, Poori, Aapam & Pulav - Vegetarian

1)Dry Recipes

Dry Sidedish - Non Vegetarian

1)Chicken Recipes

2)Mutton Recipes
3)Seafood Recipes
4)Egg Recipes
5)Turkey (Vaan Kozhi) Recipes
Gravies for Rice - Vegetarian



Gravies for Chapati, Roti, Naan, Poori, Aapam & Pulav - Vegetarian

1)Gravy Recipes

Gravies - Non Vegetarian

1)Chicken Recipes

2)Mutton Recipes
3)SeaFood Recipes
4)Egg Recipes
5)Turkey (Vaan Kozhi) Recipes

Sides / Accompaniments

1)Chutney & Thogayal

2)Pickles & Thokku
5)Jam, Sauces & Preserves

Western Recipes



Indian Breads

1)Chapati, Roti & Stuffed Paratha

2)Parota & Naan Breads
4)Recipes using Parota & Chapati

Junk Foods

1)Pizza, Calzones,Rolls, Wraps & Quesadilla

Rice Recipes - Vegetarian


3)Fried Rice
4)Variety Rice
5)Traditional Mixed Rice
6)Porridge & Kanji

Rice Recipes - Non Vegetarian


2)Fried Rice

Festival Sweets

1)Payasam& Kheer

2)Milk Based Sweets
3)Sugar Dipped Sweets
4)Ladoos, Barfis, Halwas & Jamuns
5)Traditional Sweets, Appam & Kolukattai
6)Kesari & Polis

Festival Snacks

1)Muruku, Sev, Karasev, etc..

Hot Stuffs


2)Hot Drinks

Cool Stuffs


4)Icecreams, Granita & Popsicles
5)Smoothies & Lassi

Homemade Goodies


2)Doughs, Pastries & Batters 
3)Spice Powders & Spice Mix
4)Freezing Techniques
5)Homemade Stuffs, Paste & Puree 
6)Cleaning & Cooking Tips  

Odds & Ends

1)Cooking Videos

2)Lunch Menu Ideas
4)My Kitchen Stuff
5)Baking Basics & Cake Mixes
6)Home Remedies
7)Vadam & Vadagam

Baby Food, Toddler Food & Kids Recipes & Kids Stuffs

1)Baby Foods & Toddler Foods

2)Kids Lunch Box Ideas
3)Kids Craft Ideas
4)Kids Summer Vacation Recipes


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Plz give some tips n receipes whch are helpful in weight lose

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Hi aim Uma I want u post recipes for soups both veg and no veg. You recipes are simple and easy

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Hi Aarthi , can u pls upload the recipe for eggless mayonnaise

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Hi Aarti, it's really a wonderful site which makes wonders... M vry much inspired by all ur recipes.. I hv tried ur adai and manchuri which is simply gr8... I love ur site... M lucky tat I got ur sites thru search engine n m thankful 2 google fr tis... Pls continue posting new recipes n also Chinese receipes.. V lov Chinese... N also pls do post some more Mrng breakfast items since it's a gr8 tensn early mrngs.. It's interesting 2 try innovative thngs... So pls help me in breakfast with some more dosas n South Indian items... Lov u Aarti...

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Hi Arthi... Can u also show how to prepare goat meat ball curry.... Thanks ...

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Riya Singh said...

Your posts are simply fabulous and inspiring . Thanks for the inspiration!
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Please update your recipe index. You are posting daily and your recipe index is not updated. I find it very difficult to search the recipes that I need.

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Hii can u pls tell me the recipe of icing on cake

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Johnson Decruz said...

I'm thinking about making my own baby food for my 6 month old...does anyone have any advice about this? What's the easiest way to do it?
I also heard that once you start feeding your baby homemade baby food, its really hard to get them to eat jar baby food- from your experience do you think this is true?
Thanks for your help!
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